"E o mundo é barca na corrente,
na corrente marítima de teus olhos"

About Us.

POLO SUL was born in the Mozambican market, with redesigned ideas and condensed stamina for the concretization and obtaining the satisfaction of all the clients and in every area.

Typically operating in technical assistance of mechanical installations, we want to privilege innovation and apply fearlessly the new technologies and new ways of action.

We understand that preventive maintenance combined with the management of the facilities, in an integrative way, is not a cost, but rather a reason that allows the client or the building manager to maximize the life cycle of their assets.

Our mission is to achieve and guarantee the implementation of the projects in which we are involved, creating economic, environmental and social value.

Our values are the democratization of ideas, commitment, ethics and dedication.



In the area of ​​technical assistance for mechanical systems, we will always bet on innovation, constant follow-up with our customers, following the new regulations and technical indications of the manufacturers and guaranteeing the necessary disinfections and analyzes of air quality.

Technical Assistance and Maintenance
We present ourselves as the preferred partner to present you with modular and integrated solutions for the best preventive and corrective maintenance service and technical assistance, in the area of HVAC, hydraulics, electricity and the environment.

Mechanical Installation
Alongside with Polo Norte , which is one of the largest installers in the country, we assure our customers the guarantee of the installation of quality mechanical systems, the best equipment and the best materials.

Renewable energies
We invest in the development of solar photovoltaic systems and solar thermal systems. We are prepared to suggest to our customers the best solution with a view to reducing their energy consumption, always without compromising the intervention of future generations.

We promise to take a closer look at the hopeless!

In the gallery we show part of the our installations and maintenance blockchain

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